Ensure that your project doesn’t fall at the first hurdle by appointing an appropriately qualified Chartered Structural and/or Civil Engineer.

Members of the Institution of Structural Engineers

Becoming a chartered engineer is a lengthy and difficult process, but one that ensures the engineer meets a very tightly regulated standard set by the Institution of Structural Engineers or Institute of Civil Engineers.

To attain Chartered Member status with the Institution of Structural Engineers for example, after acheiving a degree in Structural Engineering and only after the graduate engineer has gained sufficient experience over a number of years working in the industry, they sit a seven hour exam which tests their design, drawing and communication capabilities. Only upon passing this exam (which has a 25% first time pass rate) can the engineer be considered to be fully qualified and refer to themselves as a Chartered Engineer. It is therefore important to realise that by appointing a Chartered Engineer you are ensuring that this breadth of technical expertise and experience is brought to your project.

We are proud that every project we are involved with is either designed or overseen by a Chartered Engineer. We are also proud that this experience ensures that pitfalls and issues are often avoided and overall coordination between in-house team members and external parties is acheived. Adequate coordination is often crucial to a successful project.

A chartered structural engineer will have the letters M.IStruct.E. following their name, whereas a chartered civil engineer will have M.I.C.E. following theirs.

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