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Excellent team work with the very talented Architects at Peter Smith Associates Ltd

Peter Smith Associates Ltd. were the project architects for the design of a new sports hall in Cambridge. The project had two-story associated studios and administration rooms.

Working closely alongside the architect from the initial concept stage, we developed an efficient structural layout that achieved the design intention. The externally expressed steel frames were aesthetically designed to create a unique appearance, whilst consideration was given to ensuring suitability for the school environment.

A steel frame was designed to satisfy Building Regulations requirements for a two-story educational building and to achieve the overall wall and building stability for the regulation height sports hall. The large clear-span roof beams were achieved with metsec open web beams.

Careful consideration was given to the relationship of the steel structure to the perimeter sports hall walls to prevent obstructions within the hall. The robustness of the walls also ensured suitability for the sports environment and potential ball impact.

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St. Bedes CE School
St. Bedes CE School

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