Support of heavy or sensitive equipment from the ceiling is common, as well as the need for incorporating specific requirements such as non-ferrous metals. Imaging equipment needs particularly stable support structure, with movement or deflection of the structure minimised accordingly. The integration of extensive ventilation and services within the structure is often also critical.

Along with the medical equipment requirements, we work closely with the project architect to ensure that the spaces within the proposed building or extension are suitable. An example might be ensuring that columns are located to suit bed bay spacing or to facilitate free passage of beds and trolleys throughout the corridors.

The plant rooms of hospitals are the working centre of the building infrastructure and are usually heavily utilised spaces that contain generators, fuel and water tanks, ventilation extraction equipment, etc. It is critical that the structural engineer understands that any vibration resonating from the equipment into the structure should be accounted for, both for the building design and to avoid disruption to the occupants.

We have carried out many new-build projects for the healthcare industry, including the design of an entire new hospital, the hardstanding and civil engineering elements associated with it. We have also been involved with numerous schemes that consist of altering and existing building to meet the needs of modern medicine.

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Huntingdon Regional College
In conjunction with Architects Saunders Boston, Richard Herrmann Associates provided the structural and civil design associated with a new main entrance and the internal remodelling of the existing college.

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