Richard Herrmann Associates are well versed in meeting such expectations and achieving the required result. We understand that every square foot of retail space is critical.

We have designed new superstores and have worked on many extensions and alterations to retail buildings. This has included the incorporation of lifts where they previously were none, as well as creating additional story heights or atriums.

We understand also that the retail customers experience is crucial and we ensure that structural elements are designed to provide this. For example, excessive bounce or deflection of an upper floor can be unpleasant and cause issues with product displays and we utilise our knowledge to avoid such occurrences.

Not every retail facility is the same however, and we have been involved with less common uses too, such as the design of drive-through restaurants, gymnasia and heavy freezer food stores. Each particular use brings its own particular design requirements of course, that if overlooked, can result in a substandard or even an unusable building.

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Huntingdon Regional College
In conjunction with Architects Saunders Boston, Richard Herrmann Associates provided the structural and civil design associated with a new main entrance and the internal remodelling of the existing college.

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