We assist with projects of many sizes and types. From relatively minor alterations and adjustments of existing buildings or structures, through to the design of large, commercial new builds and multi-story buildings.

We have extensive experience in providing sound, logical and valuable advice to clients and architects at concept stage, allowing ‘value engineering’ to be included at the most effective stage of the project.

We use the latest specialist design software which allows structures to be analysed quickly and efficiently.

We can utilise R-Fem by Dlubal for analysing structural elements within a virtual building model. This software is extremely powerful and allows the intricacies of the structural behaviour to be viewed, such as the amount of sway or deflection under the applied loads. We ensure that the software is fully maintained and updated so that we can provide cutting edge design capabilities.

The very latest version of Revit and AutoCAD (both produced by Autodesk) are used on projects where it is appropriate to do so.

Utilising both 3-D and 2-D drafting software in this way ensures that we employ the most appropriate tools for preparing drawings in the most efficient manner possible. Revit integrates with the structural design software R-Fem to allow an analysis model to become a drawing model. Views of this model are then created and placed on traditional drawing borders, which are then suitable for construction, approval, etc. in the usual way. Should design development or project changes mean that alterations are required, adjustments to the model can be quickly carried out.

Alongside our more typical role in providing structural design services for buildings, gantries etc, we also carry out civil engineering design.

This usually involves advising clients on suitable road and car park layouts. designing the pavement or hardstanding construction (including permeable surfaces). We can also provide construction details for items such as kerbs, steps, ramps and handrailing, etc. We can carry out design and detailing of entire drainage systems for both foul and surface water, including attenuation within crates, swales, ponds,etc.

In addition to the above design and construction details we canalso  provide advanced computer simulated vehicle tracking to ensure that road and access layouts are acheivable for various vehicle types such as refuse collection lorries, heavy good vehicles, cars and vans.

We have over fifteen years’ experience of designing and detailing footbridges. We utilise both steel and timber design to suit the particular client and project requirements.

Working closely alongside a specialist contractor we have derived aesthetically pleasing bridge designs that are efficient and economical to build. Attention to detail within the design ensures that the final bridge constructed meets the legislative requirements whilst enhancing the area and creating a long-lasting community facility.

Existing buildings can move unexpectedly for various reasons and our extensive experience of dealing with such issues is crucial to determining what the underlying cause may be.

Our location in East Anglia means that we are well versed in understanding the issues associated with poor ground conditions. The effects of cohesive soil (like clay) can result in subsidence (downward building movement) or heave (upward building movement), but other causes can be leaking drains, historic features like old filled ponds, etc. Understanding how to design new foundations for such scenarios, and also having seen many buildings suffering from movement, means that we are well positioned to investigate and advise suitable remedial action.

Richard Herrmann associates carry out external verification services for calculations prepared by others, often within specialist industries.

The advanced finite element analysis software that we utilise allows us to prepare calculations independently from the original design, and determine the stresses, deflections, etc. and compare these to the expected results. This can act as a crucial safety check, as well as quality control for the original designer.

Richard Herrmann Associates provide a calculation and design checking service to independent Approved Inspector companies.

This can involve anything from providing a cursory check of the design principles that have been submitted for building regulations approval, through to a detailed verification of the calculations and drawings prepared by the designers.

Part of a structural or civil engineer’s role is to ensure that the construction on site is carried out in accordance with the original design intention. We are willing and able to carry out such inspections where required by our client.

Although this role is utilised less and less in modern construction, it is important to understand that significant delays and costs have occurred to many projects as a result of the absence of such oversight and checking. There have even been examples of complete structural failure due to misunderstanding of the design during construction, so it is important that engineers are appointed that can carry out site inspections.

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