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& Structural Engineers

An approachable, experienced Structural & Civil Engineering consultancy based in Cambridgeshire, we are able to provide design, guidance and advice on your project to allow smooth progression from Feasibility to Completion.

Our Services

Richard Herrmann Associates Ltd. carry out the structural design for both longstanding and new clients involved in many different industries. Where appropriate, advanced computer analysis is utilised, allowing accurate design of structure to ‘feed’ the subsequent detailing and drawing production.


Our adaptability and attention to detail allow us to assist clients with particularly difficult or challenging projects, especially those involving specialist designers, contractors or products. Whether your project involves specialist medical equipment or particularly sensitive occupants, we should be in a position to provide technical and professional support to your scheme.

Chartered Quality

Becoming a chartered engineer is a lengthy and difficult process, but one that ensures the engineer meets a very tightly regulated standard set by the Institution of Structural Engineers or Civil Engineers. We are proud that every project we are involved with is either designed or overseen by a Chartered Engineer. This ensures that the breadth of technical expertise and experience gained during our careers are brought to your project. It also means that the project is fully coordinated at all stages, both within our team but more crucially, with all parties involved with the scheme.

Case Studies

These projects represent a snapshot of a few completed schemes, including a brief synopsis of the structural principles adopted and any particular challenges that may have been overcome by design.

Get In Touch

Our long-standing, ‘Blue-chip’ client list has been achieved by ensuring that a Chartered Structural Engineer is responsible for your project at every stage, assuring attention to detail gained from their many years of relevant experience. We would be happy to assist with your project and would welcome you as a client.

Barn Conversion at Wennington Nearing Completion
Our involvement with an extensive and high quality barn conversion in the pretty village of Wennington near Huntingdon has been rewarding and enjoyable, as we now see the buildings being finalised and nearly ready for sale.
RHA working with WBS Group to Provide a new data center in Europe
RHA are delighted to have been appointed to work for WBS Group to provide structural and civil design services for the construction of a major new data centre facility in Europe.
New External Staircase, King's School, Ely
We are delighted to see our staircase design come to fruition within the unique and historic grounds of King's School, Ely.

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