We use the latest specialist design software, which allows structures to be analysed quickly and efficiently. We can utilise R-Fem by Dlubal for analysing structural elements within a virtual building model. This software is extremely powerful and allows the intricacies of the structural behaviour to be viewed, such as the amount of sway or deflection under the applied loads.

The very latest version of Revit and AutoCAD (both produced by Autodesk) are used on projects where it is appropriate to do so. Whether a smaller project client requires assistance with a specific issue or a large commercial client requires a full finite element analysis calculation, a suite of drawings and site inspection duties, we are able to provide this support.

We find that we can work with most file types that construction colleagues use, and this cross collaberation creates an efficient design process. We also ensure that the software is fully maintained and updated so that we can provide cutting edge design capabilities.

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Huntingdon Regional College
In conjunction with Architects Saunders Boston, Richard Herrmann Associates provided the structural and civil design associated with a new main entrance and the internal remodelling of the existing college.

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