We have extensive experience of providing support services to a large Approved Inspector company, and have been fortunate enough to witness hundreds of schemes prepared by other structural designers. This means that we have been able to advise our client accordingly when encountering design principles that might not have considered important structural considerations, such as appropriate disproportionate collapse requirements, buildability and ensuring that key information is consistent and clear to the contractor.

We have also witnessed the very broad approach taken by various structural designers with regards to their understanding of the design process, the extent of consideration they have given to the design, and the quality of their output. With there currently being no statutory requirement for a structural designer to be a qualified structural engineer, the importance of seeking an appropriately experienced, chartered structural engineer to carry out or check your design work is paramount.

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Huntingdon Regional College
In conjunction with Architects Saunders Boston, Richard Herrmann Associates provided the structural and civil design associated with a new main entrance and the internal remodelling of the existing college.

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