This might be for hardstanding, road or pavement construction to ensure that the vehicle loads can be adequately supported, or it might be drainage design to discharge rainwater effectively and efficiently.

We are also able to advise on road and car park setting out, with access to advanced vehicle tracking analysis software that can ascertain appropriate turning circles for cars through to heavy goods vehicles.

We can provide construction details for civil engineering elements such as kerbs, retaining walls, steps, etc.

Our drainage design will follow the SuDS sustainable drainage principles, where rainwater is firstly, attenuated on site, before being allowed to infiltrate into the ground where possible. When serving hardstanding, drainage is often ‘cleaned’ through an interceptor initially too.

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Huntingdon Regional College
In conjunction with Architects Saunders Boston, Richard Herrmann Associates provided the structural and civil design associated with a new main entrance and the internal remodelling of the existing college.

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